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This place is your home. A perfect one. Or at least it was.

There's something off. Inspect the walls and hallways in search of anomalies, and fix them before it's too late.

Something is inside. Find it. Before they get inside too.


  • Up / W : go fordward / inspect wall
  • Left / A : turn left
  • Down / S : go backward
  • RIght / D : turn right

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Hey! I just played SIO and I have some thoughts on it ^^

This note is completely subjective (minus anything about lagging or crashing, you should really fix that) and you don't have to listen to it, It's just my opinion :)


- I REALLY like the game's sound design, very eerie. I had to remove one side of my headphones to keep playing.
- I do think that the mute option is considerate for the people who easily get disoriented, but want to enjoy a good atmospheric game. (Though I suggest using a bar to lower or mute the voice, since sound design is a crucial part of the game, and it loses a lot of its value when muted.)
- I love the aesthetics of the game! The neon purple and black palette was an great choice! :D
- The dialogue/text is intriguing; I like the fact that it keeps me wanting for more lore out of it. Like where are we? and who are the strangers? 


- The main menu music ended after a while when it should loop.
- The game's frame drops from 30 to 15-10 frames around every 3 to 5 seconds.
- It crashed twice after the (wake up) screen. once I find a couple of anomalies after that screen, it just crashes.
- You can't finish the game because of it constantly crashing.
- the game-play gets a little boring, mainly because I replayed it too many times since it keeps crashing.
- due to the harsh contrast between the neon purple and black, it becomes straining for the eyes to look at after a while. Maybe more shades of purple would ease the look for the eyes without straying from the purple and black aesthetic?

Overall, I liked the bit I managed to play for what it is ^^ I think a bit of fixes here and there and it will be a solid surreal/atmospheric horror game.
Good luck! And thank you for reading :D

Thanks for the feedback, I'll lower the color contrast a bit asap. Can you give me more details about the crash and frame drops issues, like which version did you play (windows or linux)? I tested the game on an old laptop and it ran fine, there were some frame drops but they were really small and hard to detect. I'll try getting rid of the shadow effects, that made the game ran faster while I was developing it but I wanted to keep them since I thought the graphics looked kinda lame without them, but if it fixes the issues I'll have to delete them.

Sorry about all these issues, this was my first time doing a full 3D game in Godot with models instead of 2D drawings on a 3D world.

I played it on my windows, I do admit my laptop is old and it has 4 rams only so it could be that. I wish I had more details on the crash but this is all I got really. And yes! I did notice you're using Godot. it's a fairly new engine for doing 3D games in it, so I believe you did a good job regardless. ^^