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There's a strange town in the outskirts.

They say that something beyond belief happens there.

They say that almost eveyone who goes there does not return.

They say that the few ones who manage to return never speak about what they saw.

They also say that a entity from another world hides in the sewers, but that's irrelevant to this story.

They say the sort of things that make you too curious about unkown dangers.

The town they speak about is in front of you.  Will you live to tell the tale?


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Nice artwork and very unique style.   The world going backwards in a loop sort of, lol.    Spooky atmosphere also.   Admittedly I needed to use a walkthrough for some of the commands.

Thanks for the feedback. Most of the important commands are either highlighted between brackets or reused from previous levels, although they can be easy to miss. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed the game and its mood. Expect more spooky atmosphere freakshows from me in the future.


...sorry, I don't understand your comment.

Maybe you wrote a typo accidentally, if that's the case, just ask me again.