A short jam horror game about multiple choice tests.

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withGodot
TagsAtmospheric, Dark, Horror, Minimalist, Point & Click, Short, Spooky, supernatural, Surreal, weird
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 29 MB
ThePatternComplianceTest.x86_64 57 MB

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Hahaha I brute-forced it. Nice concept! I got my 7 :)

Your game is at 9:30! This was so much fun- I'm still perplexed on what the other correct answers were to get a better score, but I'm still happy with mine. 😅

This game really was a nice twist from most games and really had me thinking back to science for sure!



what comes after i passed the test? should i wait longer or the game just ended?


The game ends after you pass the test. You can forget about the game's test after that, but not about tests in generals because reality will give you those.

It was an interesting game. Been a while since I went back into physics so I got the one on the heat thing wrong I'm pretty sure. But I personally loved the atmosphere and the air of mystery that it beings. It's a very straightforward game and gives you enough backstory or rather the essence of why you are taking the test towards the end and start which I think is a good way of making people want to play again to find the different ends (Pretty sure there are multiple endings, though I only got one of them.) I think the timer is a good addition to the game! It gives the players a sense of rush that they need to finish the test by this time so makes them think fast. And the questions were pretty cool too; they were a good mix of scientific and meta scientific. Oh and not sure if it was meant to be like that, but one of the options of the universe dying was 'Heath' death, and I think you might have meant 'Heat' death. But overall I think it was a pretty cool game that makes you think about both the game and real life (While also jogging one's memory of what they learnt in school.)

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Thanks for the video. I corrected the "heath" typo. Sorry about that one, English is not my native language.

There's only 3 endings, 2 variations of failing the test and passing the test. I'm glad you enjoyes the game since I still unsure of its quality since it was rushed for a game jam. If you're interested, I have some other games  with a similar mood but better quality.

Also, I love the video's thumbnail.


very cool aesthetic. i do wish the text had an option to be a little easier to read - not for my own sake but i feel like it might be hard for certain accessibility issues.

i haven't managed to pass the test :'(

Do you mean giving the text a different font, changing the size of the current font or making the text shorter?

I'm over 40 years old and have imperfect vision.  Older than most people on here, I suspect, but yeah I had trouble enjoying the game because of how hard it is to read.  I found the background more of an issue than the font, but if the background is an important part of your look and feel, then yes, making the font wider would increase accessibility.



I really like the atmosphere this game has, the art is well done and the themes of entropy is really neat, but this game just isn't fun to play. I think the fact you have to sit there for the full two minutes every time you try and have to refresh the page every time you fail makes it annoying to play. Also, and this might be a personal thing since this always happens to me on tests irl, the fact that I fully read the guide and understood the whole gist of what the test actually was for and still failed it is kind of infuriating. I guess you can chalk that up to me being stupid though. A slightly clearer indicator of what I got wrong would of been nice.

Thanks for the feedback.

Added a button to submit the test without having to wait for the 2 minutes timer. The textboxes from the beginning can be skipped quickly by clicking repeatedly. I'm a bit conflicted about the "telling the player the wrong questions" part since the point of the game is to parody multiple choice tests, so i decided to make the game a bit more fair. I found a couple of questions that could be a liitle to confusing to get right, so I did a few minor changes in the guide to make them less ambiguous and lowered the score needed to pass the test. 

Also, since you said you liked the artstyle and mood, I would suggest checking out my other games, they have a similar feel and look but with actual gameplay.


Didn't think i'd need to know the law of thermal dynamics at 2 in the morning.

Your game starts at 8:30